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Celebrating Imagination and the Wonderful, Wild Ride that is Life

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


you dance on your toes
when you talk to me.

your padded feet massage the floor
writing a message

i am unable to understand.

your eyes look at me
with hypnotic attention
demanding understanding
but i am blind.

it is only now, too late,
that i long to know what you had to say,

clearly more than an ordinary expression of animal longing.

then there was always time.

no more.
no more.
no more.


that’s what you were trying to tell me

all along.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


lillian: boss, free spirit, unchained fool, lover of wild abandon, lake jumper, pond swimmer, bunny marauder, neighborhood watch chief, apnea suffering snorer, unabashed beggar, outrageous bitch, bear fighter, coyote taunter, swaggering rule breaker, gaseous emitter of noxious fumes, door banger, attention seeker, velvet eared snuggler, verbal abuser, marshmallow eater, party lover, cat snuffler, waffles and syrup devourer, troublemaker, friend, confidante, lover of all things in the NOW, and forgiver of all taught me the joy of joy, the importance of being unapologetically you, the thrill of living without fear, and so much more. i will endeavor to carry on in the knowing that you were a once in a lifetime kind of friend. rest in peace, lily. and for the record: thank heavens for the unknowing losers who took you to the pound. without their misfortune the past eleven years would have been so terribly dull and dreadful, spent with some ordinary "good" dog. you were the best damn dog ever.

Evidence of a Life