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Monday, January 24, 2011

Staying in the game

In the previous post I added a pic of the scrapbook page I made for Scrap for Survival. To put it simply: Blech. I don't like it. I was especially irritated with myself about it since I used some of my favorite papers on there. And they're gone, gone, gone...sigh.

It was clear that page #1 was too busy for use on a printed page or on a webpage. So, I spent another four hours making page #2. I tried to be clean, spare, and more graphic. Again, I used some of my favorite things. I definitely like it better, though. See if you agree...

I know what you're saying: "How in the heck could this take four hours to make?" Answer: 1. You don't know me that well, if you have to ask that question :) 2. I am here to tell you it is awfully hard to scrapbook a page about something when you're not trying to capture a memory, but advertise something. Yipes. Anyway, as I said, I like this one much better, and so did the powers that be at YSC. Still...we are not using it. I basically wasted all of that time, effort, and awesome paper on nothing...instead we are going with an actual graphic I created. Take a look:

I have no idea where the dark lines around the two edges came from. Hmmm....let's hope they're not there in the final printing! I definitely see a theme from the page to the graphic. It's funny how we ended up with something so simple after all that mental and creative wandering!

At least I got to spend time in my work room, and while there, I got to scrap a page for real!!! I am totally in love with this kit from Studio Calico and all of the awesome goodies it contains. (Heck, I'm in love with every kit from Studio Calico!!! They're incredible!) But, I have a surplus of kits waiting to be used and my goal is to use them all up. Not a bad goal, if I say so myself :) I get to play with great supplies AND do something I love. That's not hard at all!

For your visual pleasure (I hope) here's the page I made about Cory's time playing baseball. He only played for one season, and we made some great memories. I was so proud of him for doing what he wanted, even though he was inexperienced and older than a lot of kids on his team. It's one of the things I truly admire about him. He doesn't let anything stop him from doing what he wants; he doesn't get embarrassed or worry about sticking out. Cory knows how to live life. Hence the title "In the Game". Like the journaling says, he never sits on the sidelines, and that makes me very proud!

Here's to everybody getting into the game!

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