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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wow...I need to get my art back...

It is like entering a tomb. My craft room has not been unused for months. It is starting to get piles of purchases and papers, bags and just stuff piled high around the room. There are half finished projects and the detritus of our crop scattered around the room. It looks so sad, wondering if I'll ever come back. I admit I have been wondering the same thing.

My daughter has started to take it over as an exercise room: evidenced by the empty water bottles, fitness ball, and various hand weights scattered across the floor.

I have been working so hard running our Young Survival Coalition Affiliate and planning our fundraising bike ride, the Tour de Pink Duluth (happening in September), AND training and fundraising for the big Tour de Pink (in October from PA to NYC) that I have not done onet iota of crafting or art.

I have been starting to feel guilty even going into Archivers or looking at the scrap stuff in Target. I feel like a traitor! I was at CHA in July helping get donations for our Scrap for Survival (yes, we're planning one for this year!) and I could only allow myself momentary peeks at all the was just too overwhelming and made me sad.

But the urge is really starting to build in me....I can feel it like a Tsunami. It's coming and heaven only knows what will happen when it does! Art is like water, my body craves it and can go only so long without it.

But I'm not giving up...and I'm not going to control it. Soon I will fill that thirst and I'm excited to see the results. Stay tuned!

For anyone wondering what I've been up to, or wanting to read my ramblings on my other blog, you can visit it here. It's full of a lot of biking and introspection, and I suppose it has served as a kind of creative outlet to tide me over. At least writing about my thoughts and the things I see provide me with a creative release :)

Stay tuned!



  1. I read your blog after seeing the link to it in a comment you made on someone else's blog. I saw that you said you are a breast cancer survivor and wondered if there is a relationship between your health and writing here. I am doing a research project on why people write blogs about their diagnosis and treatment, hence my question.

  2. Lisa: I think it is fair to say that I am blogging as a result of my cancer experience. I keep this blog as well as another blog on which I talk even more about my cancer experience as well as fundraising for the breast cancer non-profit I work for. That blog is


  3. So how is the Tsunami coming? No posts lately of your creative explosion. I'm anxiously waiting!


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