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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sneak Peak #2!

In my last post I mentioned that for the Scrap for Survival coming up on Saturday, March 20th, I was teaching two classes. I shared the first class project with you, the accordion file folder album. Now I want to show you what I have planned using that awesome "Golden Rule" vintage photo from my friend Julie. I am totally in love with that picture and have been wanting to do something with it for a long time. I enjoy making little art canvases and I absolutely love to go garage sale-ing and antique hunting for vintage treasures to add to my projects. So, for this class I thought it would be fun to incorporate some vintage finds along with some great new products to create an adorable piece to hang in your house or studio space. Without further ado, here it is:

I wanted to make sure and cover some techniques that many people don't often use. I love to get messy, so of course we had to paint and use paper mod podge! And crackle medium is one of my all time favorite supplies for getting the vintage look.

I lucked out at an estate sale when I scored a whole tube full of these milk caps. It is a lot of fun to make the accordion flower to highlight their great colors and graphic!

Hopefully this will be a big hit with the participants! It was a lot of fun for me! Well, I'm off to go prep about 40 canvases for this project...wish me luck!

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