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Thursday, October 1, 2009

We're Ready To Roll!

This is going to be a short post because I have to get to bed, but I thought everyone who has been supporting me would like a quick update. We're here in Hershey, PA ready to start the Tour de Pink tomorrow morning, rain or shine (and right now they're forecasting rain.) And it's surprisingly cold here. Oh well, not much we can do about it.

Besides the weather, what really has thrown me for a loop is the fact that I came down with a cold two nights ago. I have been feeling pretty badly today. We flew in and my ears are completely clogged shut. I can't hear a thing! Well, except for myself talking, and we all know how pleasant that is! But I have been swallowing Zicam like crazy, taking Vitamin C drops and decongestants and now that it seems to have migrated to my ears, I've broken out the precautionary antibiotic we packed with us just in case of such an emergency. (Thanks, Dr. N!)

Anyway, we head out early tomorrow, cold or not, rain or shine, and I just keep telling myself that no matter what, it could never be as bad as having cancer and going through chemo. Some sniffles and some water are nothing in comparison. I am going to try hard to go at my own pace and enjoy the ride.

Tonight we had Chocolateworld all to ourselves where we had a big feast of pasta and plenty of delicious desserts. (Not to mention there's plenty of chocolate around, too!)

I'll try to post tomorrow, but I'll leave you with a couple of snapshots of the festivities.


  1. So glad you posted tonight, Alane! I hope you packed all the "right stuff" for the weather. Stay warm, comfortable, and enjoy the ride! Don't forget to have someone else take photos of you & Brad with YOUR camera, too, alright?
    Ride on!!! Looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  2. You go girl! A little rain and cold should not bother a strong Duluthian like yourself! May you stay warm and dry, safe and comfortable, and we'll see you and Brad when you come home. Enjoy the ride of your life!


  3. Hey Alane! Thanks for the update! Was hoping you'd get time to! Pics look FUN! Sorry to hear you are not feeling %100, but as you said, you have been through MUCH worse!!! Good LUCK , you ROCK!! binner


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