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Friday, October 2, 2009

Day One is Done!!!

We got up early this morning to a cold drizzly day. The kick-off event was at Chocolateworld and then we hit the road. It was absolutely brutal, no doubt about it. By the end of the day we rode 90 miles. The wind was against us all day and there were a lot of hills, but we made it!!! Everyone, including the Professional riders who are here, said it was the hardest day of Tour de Pink in the whole six years it's been going. The word everyone seems to use when you ask how it went is brutal! Thankfully, the weather tomorrow is supposed to be better. It might be rainy for the first part of the day, but it is supposed to turn sunny and most importantly, the wind won't be a problem. Today was inspiring, grueling, fun and hard. I am looking forward to a good night's sleep and then, hopefully, a tailwind tomorrow!

The following is a photo of Brad and I wearing our custom made "Two Boobs Riding Abreast" t-shirts for our friends Bob & Lisa Koch who generously donated to our ride with the stipulation that we wear these shirts. You don't need to tell us twice! It's pretty obvious we'll do anything for money. A huge thank you to Barb & Steve Payette from Stewart-Taylor Printing for creating these great shirts. They were a huge hit at dinner tonight!

This is a pic of me up on stage with the other survivor spokespeople at the Chocolateworld kick-off this morning.


  1. So glad you posted again! (see, you could do a 365 blog!)
    I love the hot pink shirt under your biking really stand out on that podium.
    And what can I say about the "two boobs" shirts...
    Yeah...I'm speechless! ;D
    Have a great day on the road tomorrow. We've got rain and 50-plus mph wind gusts here!

  2. Oh...yeah...forgot to add:
    Holy *&!@#$!!! 90 miles? Are you kidding me?


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