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Monday, August 17, 2009

I call her "Crash"...

As I said in my original post, the bike pictured above, my Dolce, is not the one I am using in the Tour de Pink in October. Despite what you might think, breast cancer has its perks. One of them being that when you sign up as a survivor to ride in the TDP, you are given some pretty nice swag. I got a great new helmet, biking gloves, the coolest bike shoes on the planet, and the best... a shiny, new, fancy, super duper road chomping bike: the Giant for Women Avail. She is sized perfectly to fit me (with a little help from my bike guru Corey, at the Ski Hut in downtown Duluth.) And as many of you may have noticed, I am on the lower end of the stature scale. So, yes, my bike is an extra small. As in just barely not a circus clown bicycle. But, seriously, this baby is sah-weet!!!! The only disappointment came when I picked her up from the dealer and she was not breast cancer pink and pretty. No, she's fire orange. But I have learned to deal with it. She has attitude, and I like it. She is now a treasured member of the family. Why the name "Crash" you say? Well, that has to do with the experience of trying to adjust to the clips that were needed for my cool new shoes and hot new bike. I may not be a master at getting in or out of them, but I am beginning to be a master at falling! Speaking of falling... well, you'll just have to wait for that story for another day.

Here's a photo of me and Crash (don't we look smokin'?):

We had a great 25 mile ride this morning. The leaves are already turning. I'm trying hard not to notice.

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