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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Long Ride...the First of Many

So yesterday afternoon Brad and I set out for a long ride which quickly became longer than anticipated. I had a map that I had created on a website called BikeRouteToaster but, not surprisingly, the directions were bad. Roads that it said existed did not exist. Right turns were actually left turns, etc. It just goes to show how far out in "undiscovered country" I am living! It definitely brings to mind old maps with the phrase "There be dragons here"! Just when I was begining to seriously be concerned about the future of our marriage, I came upon a familiar road. (Well, at least the name was familiar!) After many mistakes, turn-arounds, and dirty looks we rolled home about 3 3/4 hours later, having ridden 55 1/2 miles averaging 15 mph. Not too shabby. Of course, it's pouring rain today and am happy to have an excuse to stay dormant. Brad decided to go fishing/paddling in the downpour. I guess he really needed some alone time!

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  1. Congratulations on a very long ride. And yes, I'm sure Brad needed a little alone time. The two of you are very blessed to have each other.


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