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Celebrating Imagination and the Wonderful, Wild Ride that is Life

Friday, April 24, 2009

I hope it was worth it!

I did something I am afraid I will regret. I donated my art canvas "Dream" and the little series of canvases to my kids' schools' auction. I am telling myself it is a good idea because if I want to sell my art, I need to test drive the market. You know, see what people's reactions are. But it is so hard to let them go. I really poured my love into them, and I will miss not being able to see them again. I know that sounds crazy! But they really are a part of me. I've done things before for other people, but I have never had this reaction. Maybe this is telling me that I am on the right path creatively since I have so much invested in these pieces. Still, I am going to the auction, so they might come back home with me for a price. (I hope my therapist...and my husband...aren't reading this!)

On another topic, I'm sure you've noted how long it has been between posts. My new job is currently kicking my a**. I can't believe how busy I have been! Now I not only have all of the work to do that I've always had, but I also have responsibilities with the national office. Not to mention that May 9th is the Mother's Day Walk/Run (our largest fundraiser) and work is at a feverish pace. Perhaps you can feel my stress presence coming right through the computer screen!

Well, I'm off to speak at a local Relay For Life event. It's raining and cold. And it might snow. It figures that I would be asked to speak at an outdoor event at 10:00 at night. Fun, fun! How are you celebrating the start of the weekend?


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