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Friday, April 24, 2009

I hope it was worth it!

I did something I am afraid I will regret. I donated my art canvas "Dream" and the little series of canvases to my kids' schools' auction. I am telling myself it is a good idea because if I want to sell my art, I need to test drive the market. You know, see what people's reactions are. But it is so hard to let them go. I really poured my love into them, and I will miss not being able to see them again. I know that sounds crazy! But they really are a part of me. I've done things before for other people, but I have never had this reaction. Maybe this is telling me that I am on the right path creatively since I have so much invested in these pieces. Still, I am going to the auction, so they might come back home with me for a price. (I hope my therapist...and my husband...aren't reading this!)

On another topic, I'm sure you've noted how long it has been between posts. My new job is currently kicking my a**. I can't believe how busy I have been! Now I not only have all of the work to do that I've always had, but I also have responsibilities with the national office. Not to mention that May 9th is the Mother's Day Walk/Run (our largest fundraiser) and work is at a feverish pace. Perhaps you can feel my stress presence coming right through the computer screen!

Well, I'm off to speak at a local Relay For Life event. It's raining and cold. And it might snow. It figures that I would be asked to speak at an outdoor event at 10:00 at night. Fun, fun! How are you celebrating the start of the weekend?


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool...Hey, are you talkin' to me?

So today is April Fool's Day. I'm sure you are aware of that, but I just want you to hold that nugget in your brain when I tell you the next thing:

I have been hired to officially work for the Young Survival Coalition - Duluth. Try to follow me here, I know it's a little mind cramping. "Haven't you been working for the YSC - Duluth?" you ask. Yes, I have, and risking the appearance of immodesty here, pretty darn hard, too. The difference is: a couple months ago I worked hard (along with some other wonderful people in the YSC offices in NY)  putting together a grant proposal to the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Minnesota Affiliate. (Maybe you've heard of them: their name and logo is on everything from paper towels to luxury automobiles, and soon the International Space Station! Kidding, of course!) The Komen Foundation takes all of that paper towel, auto, and space station money and gives grants to organizations they deem are fulfilling a need in their community. (For more info on the experience of writing the grant proposal see my previous post "Brain Baby" here.) Our grant proposal was written with some specific things in mind: new programs for breast cancer patients, some equipment, Newly Diagnosed Kits for young women diagnosed with breat cancer, and's the point of today's post... a salary for a part-time Program Manager. The great news is that after sending in my resume, etc. I was told last week that I have the job. (Although...the contract has not yet been signed, so, perhaps I should not be counting my chickens...) 

Here's the punch line, though: I was told I would officially be starting today....April Fool's Day. 

From experience I can tell you that cancer survivors tend to have a finely honed wit which I normally wholeheartedly enjoy, but I'm not going to be laughing if someone is playing a hideous joke. Joke or not, I have to hand it to the power of the Universe that he/she would play the ultimate joke on me. This is a little snarky karma from the "wizard" at the controls of my life...seriously, you know there a more appropriate day for me to be hired?

So how am I going to work today? I am left with the fact that my office is in a state of limbo: full of boxes and stuff but really unusable for any practical work: the computer's on the way, though, and I will be able to work there regularly once it arrives. So for now I'm working out of my home office, the back of my car, the real office, and a rolling crate which is stuffed full of important items. Go ahead and laugh. Since today is the official start of my employment, I am planning on getting dressed up and putting my coffee in a travel mug...even if I'm only going as far as the computer. April Fool, indeed!

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