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Celebrating Imagination and the Wonderful, Wild Ride that is Life

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forrest was right. Life is most definitely like a box of chocolates.

...You never know what you're gonna get.

It just goes to show that you can jinx yourself. Especially when it comes to Minnesota and Spring. I did it! It's all my fault!!!!! I blogged in my last post about the beautiful weather we were having, gushing about the sunshine and the incredible snow melt. And what happened? Well the weather turned distinctly south....downward in a negative way, not more "southern" in nature. On Friday the weather was damp, gray and began sleet/snowing in the afternoon. It was just plain gross. To top it off, while Cory and I were driving home from running errands in order to pick Erin up and drive both of them to guitar lessons (yes, that about sums up my life these days)....the road conditions were so awful that, when faced with a woman who suddenly stopped for no apparent reason in the middle of the road, I hit my brakes (we were traveling 10 mph tops)....whereupon I slid on the slushy crap that had fallen a la a very slow ice puck and tapped her bumper...of course, I'm sure you can guess.....moments later I was smashed from behind. No damage to the car I bumped or to the front of my car, no damage to the front of the car that hit me...but my lovely, beautiful Caledonia (yes, that's the name of my comely black VW Passat wagon) got a crumpled bedonkadonk. She and I are distinctly not happy. In fact we are bordering on a full blown depression. Just to highlight the irony, right after the incident Erin called on my cell phone to say that we'd gotten a call from the guitar teacher: lessons were cancelled due to the road hazard conditions. Wow, thanks for the update, buddy! Yesterday, the weather improved slightly in that it didn't spit sleet on us, and today is much the sun is shining, it's grey and well, depressing. I'm doing my best to cope, but, geez!!!!!!

...I have to step away from the computer for a bit...hum some bad musac (is there any good musac?) for yourself while I'm gone. Sorry for the brief interruption....

Okay I was away from the computer for a few moments so I could get something that truly brightened my day: a donated computer for the new office! That's right! A kind, incredibly generous couple heard that we were opening an office and, as the gentleman regularly repairs Apples, he got an eMac donated and filled it up with loads of software and other goodies. Now, it isn't the fastest, it's used, but it's ours!!!!!!! We are still needing to spend the money on a faster laptop for my official YSC use, but this baby is going to come in incredibly handy for file storage, document production, etc. Yippee! I am so happy and incredibly grateful for the kind people in the world. Life is nothing short of an amazing ride, and I am so glad to be on it! You just never know what the day could bring!!!! Wait a won't believe it but the sun is shining! Happy, happy day!

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