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Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 Busy!

I have definitely been too busy to do anything art or scrapbooking related. Heck, I've barely had time to sleep! And when I do that, I haven't been doing all that too good a job! Things are busy, but in a good way. Work on the 25th Annual Mother's Day Walk/Run is chugging along at a quick but effective pace. (Effective: yeah!) My Affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition had our first of what I hope will be many Art Therapy Workshops for young breast cancer survivors. It was wonderful, emotional, (I hope) healing, and just an all around special experience. But the best BEST thing of all is that I received notification that we were given a Komen Grant! Yippee! All the hard work is paying off. Now we have some money to put together some programs that will really help the young survivors we're trying to support. It feels absolutely awesome to have some validation that what we're doing matters. I've been running on my own steam for a while, so it feels really good to get some outside support! Hooray!

Just to prove that I do have other interests, I finished up some mini-altered canvases. They took waaay too long, much longer than they should have. I had to layer, and re-do quite a bit along the way in order to achieve the look I was going for. I think I got pretty close, so I'm satisfied. These include some of my favorite things: bits and pieces of beautiful paper, vintage feedsack fabric scraps, pages from an antique french book, peeling aqua paint, and best of all : vintage glass buttons! It's going to be hard to part with these. I don't know if I envision selling them as individual pieces or as a wall collage. Maybe I'll just leave it up to the observer! That's very non-controlling of me, don't you think? Let me know what you like best!

It has been so beautiful, warm and sunny lately. I am loving it!!!! I really needed winter to end! It was great to go outside and photograph these in the crystal clear sunshine. I love the way they look against the weathered wood. I liked the shot so much that I took more than necessary, and I photographed some altered art necklaces I made a while back. I made the charms with vintage family photos. They all include a whimsical or thoughtful statement on the back just like the one shown. I have finally finished making the leather necklaces and putting the final touches on them. Keep your eye out, they me be on sale at a store near you sometime soon, with any luck!

For now, enjoy the sunshine! (And hurrah for melting snow!)

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