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Celebrating Imagination and the Wonderful, Wild Ride that is Life

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a quick addition..

If you enjoyed the beckoning of lovely video below, learn more about Amy Krause Rosenthal, the children's books she has authored, and watch more videos and catch up on the beckoning of loely project at her blog, who is amy?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beckoning Lovely Things...

This is a wonderful video & project from Amy Krouse Rosenthal,  the author of "The Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life". I love creative people and I am so enamored with the way this woman lives a creative life. Watch it and enjoy....and maybe you will feel beckoned to send in something lovely! This is just a little gift from me to you: a bit of sweet goodness for a happy Friday and the start to a lovely weekend.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to kill...

I have some time to kill before I have to sit in on a conference call meeting thingy...there's got to be something better to call it. Anyway, I have to share this website. A HUGE shoutout to my main blogophile Kim Kos over at Kosmatka365 (check it out...she's doing an awesome 365 photo challenge blog and she rocks my world!) Anyway, in her fave blog list (which I am sure is difficult for her to pare down since she is totally an ADDICT) is this little piece of heaven: The "Blog" of Unnecessary "Quotation" Marks. It is totally random, totally mindless, and 100% hilarious. I love goofy signs and wierd turns o' phrases (gee, ya think?) and this is right up my alley. Thanks, Kim! I needed a diversion and this site totally delivered!
I am in Apple land right now...I am typing this on the donated Mac computer we received for the office and let me say...I feel like I am in a foreign land. I am so lost without the ability to right click, I feel like I have lost the gift of opposable thumbs. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it, but I just spent 30 minutes trying to open an email attachment. I never claimed to be a computer geek. Usually I just fumble around until something works...kind of like searching for a lightswitch in the dark.
Speaking of random, my cat just stepped on the keyboard and typed : "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Do you think he's trying to tell me something? Man! still not time for my phone call....what to do, what to do...?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Forrest was right. Life is most definitely like a box of chocolates.

...You never know what you're gonna get.

It just goes to show that you can jinx yourself. Especially when it comes to Minnesota and Spring. I did it! It's all my fault!!!!! I blogged in my last post about the beautiful weather we were having, gushing about the sunshine and the incredible snow melt. And what happened? Well the weather turned distinctly south....downward in a negative way, not more "southern" in nature. On Friday the weather was damp, gray and began sleet/snowing in the afternoon. It was just plain gross. To top it off, while Cory and I were driving home from running errands in order to pick Erin up and drive both of them to guitar lessons (yes, that about sums up my life these days)....the road conditions were so awful that, when faced with a woman who suddenly stopped for no apparent reason in the middle of the road, I hit my brakes (we were traveling 10 mph tops)....whereupon I slid on the slushy crap that had fallen a la a very slow ice puck and tapped her bumper...of course, I'm sure you can guess.....moments later I was smashed from behind. No damage to the car I bumped or to the front of my car, no damage to the front of the car that hit me...but my lovely, beautiful Caledonia (yes, that's the name of my comely black VW Passat wagon) got a crumpled bedonkadonk. She and I are distinctly not happy. In fact we are bordering on a full blown depression. Just to highlight the irony, right after the incident Erin called on my cell phone to say that we'd gotten a call from the guitar teacher: lessons were cancelled due to the road hazard conditions. Wow, thanks for the update, buddy! Yesterday, the weather improved slightly in that it didn't spit sleet on us, and today is much the sun is shining, it's grey and well, depressing. I'm doing my best to cope, but, geez!!!!!!

...I have to step away from the computer for a bit...hum some bad musac (is there any good musac?) for yourself while I'm gone. Sorry for the brief interruption....

Okay I was away from the computer for a few moments so I could get something that truly brightened my day: a donated computer for the new office! That's right! A kind, incredibly generous couple heard that we were opening an office and, as the gentleman regularly repairs Apples, he got an eMac donated and filled it up with loads of software and other goodies. Now, it isn't the fastest, it's used, but it's ours!!!!!!! We are still needing to spend the money on a faster laptop for my official YSC use, but this baby is going to come in incredibly handy for file storage, document production, etc. Yippee! I am so happy and incredibly grateful for the kind people in the world. Life is nothing short of an amazing ride, and I am so glad to be on it! You just never know what the day could bring!!!! Wait a won't believe it but the sun is shining! Happy, happy day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 Busy!

I have definitely been too busy to do anything art or scrapbooking related. Heck, I've barely had time to sleep! And when I do that, I haven't been doing all that too good a job! Things are busy, but in a good way. Work on the 25th Annual Mother's Day Walk/Run is chugging along at a quick but effective pace. (Effective: yeah!) My Affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition had our first of what I hope will be many Art Therapy Workshops for young breast cancer survivors. It was wonderful, emotional, (I hope) healing, and just an all around special experience. But the best BEST thing of all is that I received notification that we were given a Komen Grant! Yippee! All the hard work is paying off. Now we have some money to put together some programs that will really help the young survivors we're trying to support. It feels absolutely awesome to have some validation that what we're doing matters. I've been running on my own steam for a while, so it feels really good to get some outside support! Hooray!

Just to prove that I do have other interests, I finished up some mini-altered canvases. They took waaay too long, much longer than they should have. I had to layer, and re-do quite a bit along the way in order to achieve the look I was going for. I think I got pretty close, so I'm satisfied. These include some of my favorite things: bits and pieces of beautiful paper, vintage feedsack fabric scraps, pages from an antique french book, peeling aqua paint, and best of all : vintage glass buttons! It's going to be hard to part with these. I don't know if I envision selling them as individual pieces or as a wall collage. Maybe I'll just leave it up to the observer! That's very non-controlling of me, don't you think? Let me know what you like best!

It has been so beautiful, warm and sunny lately. I am loving it!!!! I really needed winter to end! It was great to go outside and photograph these in the crystal clear sunshine. I love the way they look against the weathered wood. I liked the shot so much that I took more than necessary, and I photographed some altered art necklaces I made a while back. I made the charms with vintage family photos. They all include a whimsical or thoughtful statement on the back just like the one shown. I have finally finished making the leather necklaces and putting the final touches on them. Keep your eye out, they me be on sale at a store near you sometime soon, with any luck!

For now, enjoy the sunshine! (And hurrah for melting snow!)

Friday, March 6, 2009's been a while!

I am so disturbed that time has flown by so quickly since my last blog post. Where did it got? I'll tell you where: down to Minneapolis and then on to Dallas for four days, back to Minneapolis and home! I am still catching up after taking seven other women to the 9th Annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer. It was an incredible, educational, emotionally charged experience. There were about 800 young women diagnosed with breast cancer who attended along with husbands, mothers, and friends. Honestly, it was an indescribable experience. The whole time I was there, I kept imagining what it would have been like to go to that Conference when I was newly diagnosed and in treatment. Everywhere you looked, there were young, beautiful women proudly sporting their bald heads, not in the minority like in "real life". For me, that time was long ago, but I remember it well: the isolation, the fear, the sadness, the desperation...I could go on and on. Walking into a hotel filled with survivors just like me back then would have been comparable to flying to the moon. I truly hope for the women that attended that they felt comfort and respite, and enjoyed finding their place among survivors just like them as well as those just like me who have lived longer than we dared to hope. I sincerely hope they are taking that crowd home with them in their hearts and minds so they don't feel so alone when they are in their darkest moments.

It was also wonderful to celebrate with those fabulous women! Nobody laughs harder, smiles bigger, or dances funkier than a breast cancer survivor. Pure joy was flowing throughout the Conference, and it was magical. I am grateful for the gift that each and every one of those women gave me, whether I had a chance to speak with them or not. I am grateful for the Young Survival Coalition, and all of its marvelous volunteers who work so hard on a daily basis to meet the needs of young women around the world. The strength and dedication of each and every one of them absolutely blows me away, and is not to be underestimated. I am proud to be a part of such a special and important cause, and I know the effects of this Conference will be crashing onto me like waves on a beach for a long time to come.

I am tired, I am still catching up, but I am reflecting as well. And I am so very, very grateful for it all.

We found Spring in Dallas, TX!!!!

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