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Celebrating Imagination and the Wonderful, Wild Ride that is Life

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, since I've had plenty of time to lay low while I try to kick this bug (Go, antibiotics!) I have been busy scrapping. I am having fun using up a lot of kits that have been stacking up from my Studio Calico kit subscription, and having even more fun using photos that truly are some of my favorites.

First I got to use two photos that I seriously LOVE. They were a little hard to scrap because I didn't have any other pics from the day. I had to use these to try to tell the whole story. They are pics from 1998. That year Erin and Cory were 5 & 6 and were huge fans of the TV cartoon show Rugrats. That year the Rugrats movie came out and they loved it, of course. Both of my kids have always had strong imaginations. It was so much fun to watch them use theirs to create their very own version of the Reptar wagon that was in the movie. I wish I had a photo of both of them working on it, but the end result will have to do. They're great pictures of what two great kids with great imaginations (& one cardboard box) can accomplish.

I had a lot of fun pulling out all the stops on that layout, using paint and even actual cardboard from a box I had laying around. But it was a nice alternative to make my next layout straight forward and simple. This features three photos of my brother-in-law. I love these pictures because they capture all of the parts of his personality: his quiet introspection and strenth and his infectious smile. I've had these for a while, knowing I wanted to scrap them, but I was waiting for just the right inspiration. I really enjoyed doing a more subdued layout with just two colors that focused on the photos and the journaling.

The next layout was one I was really looking forward to. Last winter Brad and I took a trip to New Orleans and had a fantastic time. We particularly enjoyed the food. A trip to New Orleans would not be complete without treating ourselves to a few beniets and cafe au lait at the cafe du monde. We loved it so much we made sure and visited more than once! The papers in this kit were absolutely perfect for these photos. I added a few things from my stash like the clock face and hand cut the clock hands, but other than that it all came from the kit. Brad helped me come up with the title "C'est si bon!" which means "It feels so good." And, boy, does it ever! Yum!

The last layout is very different for me because it isn't usually the subject matter I would scrapbook. Normally I'm all about telling the deep stories about my family, capturing what is most important. But these photos were so awesome I had to scrap them. I took them last summer of my sister Sharon's cat, Potter. He is an absolutely beautiful cat and I was thrilled with the way I caught him on camera. But he is a terror! He makes you think you want to pet him and will sometimes let you, but other times, he goes for the jugular. We have all fallen victim to his cuteness trap! So, it's not the most important of subjects, but it really is a part of our life. In the end, that is what it's all about!

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