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Celebrating Imagination and the Wonderful, Wild Ride that is Life

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, there was an ice storm today and we have all been homebound. The kids didn't have school so they've been working on various projects. I had a very busy weekend so I have been enjoying a quiet day to catch up on laundry...wait a minute, did I just say I enjoyed doing laundry? Wow, I did have a tough few days! I managed to spend a little time in my work room and I created the following layout. I love this photo of my kids from back when we lived in Maryland. Both pics are of them playing on the cul-de-sac with the neighborhood kids. The first is a terrible picture, but I love the subject matter: they used to tie all of the Radio Flyers together and make a wagon train. I loved that! But my favorite is the picture of the time they decorated three lawn clipping bags and made themselves into life size puppets. Kids are so brilliant!

There was a challenge I found on a blog today to reuse or recycle something on a layout. I made the title by cutting up the packaging that came with one of my favorite paper lines. I really like how fun and different it came out. I am definitely going to be making more effort to recycle more stuff. I love creating my own unique way of doing something. It just adds to the challenge and fun of creating!

I always like to do some machine stitching on my layouts and this time I tried something different. I used vareigated thread to create the sun's rays and stitch around the outside of the page. I likke the way this turned out so much, I'm sure I'm going to be using that technique again. I love doodling with the sewing machine!

Well, it's time to go be creative in another way...I'm going to attempt to make chicken enchiladas from what I can dig out of the cupboards. Good luck to me!

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