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Saturday, January 3, 2009

When will the blizzard come?

So here I am, sitting at home, mulling over my shattered weekend plans, which were to take my kids on an overnight trip to the Cities. The three of us were really dying for some out of town time with shopping, eating out, and yes, staying in a hotel...there's just something so fun about an adventure when it's just the three of us. This is the last weekend of their Holiday break, and it's been a great one. We've spent tons of time relaxing, laughing, playing games, and visiting our cabin. They've even managed to volunteer at the animal shelter and dissect a shark all while entertaining their visiting grandmother! Does that tempt you to come visit us?
So, anyway, my plans have completely fallen apart. Yesterday was Erin's 17th Birthday. Yes, that's right, seventeen. My heart stops just for a moment everytime I say it. I remember seventeen very well...and the weird thing is that I remember feeling old at seventeen. Ugh. More on that another time. I need to process these emotions. They are way too raw.
Back to my spoiled plans. Erin had her friends over for a party and sleepover last night. They played games, ate, watched movies, and generally had a great time. I spent a great deal of time watching the weather report (something I never do...I could care less if it's snowing somewhere else...and if I want to know what the weather's like, I just go outside.) But anyway, I was warned that there was a MAJOR STORM WARNING WITH UP TO A FOOT OF SNOW PREDICTED FOR TODAY BEGINING AT NOON AND GOING THROUGH NOON TOMORROW. So, last night I'm thinking, "Well, as long as we get moving BEFORE noon, we'll be fine." (And of course Brad was no help because HE was leaving early this A.M. to go ice fishing at the cabin with some friends. Bugger.) So, I wake up this morning, and the weather report is even more dire, saying things like"DO NOT DRIVE THIS AFTERNOON OR EVENING WITHOUT SAFETY ITEMS IN YOUR CAR LIKE CANDLES AND FOOD." Despite those dire predictions, I was still considering going but first I had to make waffles, bacon, and eggs for a bunch of hungry teenagers and they continued playing. By the time they were fed and on their way, according to the weather report, we would be leaving right in the middle of the storm! Suffice it to say, it began snowing at 1:00. It snowed about 1/4 inch. Mostly, the wind blew. Our plans were shattered, and the three of us are moping around here like we're at a funeral. I hate the weather channel!!!!! They suck!!!!!!! I'm spent. I will have to come back later and write something much more positive when I'm in a better mood. It doesn't help that while I was writing this rant, my hubby had to call from the cabin to say "Yeah, that sucks." Nobody wants a call like that from someone who is doing EXACTLY what they want to do!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

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