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Monday, January 12, 2009

Some projects and...?

I'm sitting here wishing I had something profound or iincredibly thoughtful to write, but I'm left vacant. I will say that I am horrendously sore-muscled again, this time not from the Wii, but because Brad and I went on the longest and most grueling (and simultaneously exhillirating) cross country ski treks yesterday afternoon! We went over to Superior, WI where there are some perfectly groomed trails. It was our first time skiing there. We were on the intermediate course and were thinking about heading over to the advanced course. Let me tell you, I am awesome at picking up speed on the straight aways, and I am even a good hill climber (I don't know, I work harder when I'm in a bull.) But downhills (big ones) frighten me. I'm a faller. It's true. Embarrassing, but true. Well, this course had the steepest down/up combos I've ever seen! And they were on the intermediate course! I actually didn't fall that much on the downhills (personal success...yay for me!), but there was no skiing up the other had to herringbone it for quite a ways! And then we did something really crazy...we actually switched to the advanced course. Those hills were serious. And it was just one right after another. We were so exhausted! And every muscle hurts...especially my shoulders from having to use my poles so much. BUT it was an absolutely gorgeous day for it. It was warm, in the teens, and the sky was perfectly blue. Just an absolutely perfect MN winter day. Well, we ended up skiing almost ten miles so we got back to the car shortly before sunset. That is one of my favorite times of day, when the light turns everything pink and rosy. It was gorgeous. There were awesome views of the river and bay, and the birches were lit up like birthday candles. So today I'm tired, but incredibly relaxed and at peace.

I thought I'd add a couple more recent project pics. So here goes:

These are some more oldie but goody pics of my kiddos...caught in the act of playing with an entire family size box of Kleenex. I love working from pics that are from all different times...jumping around where my whims take me. It's like floating on a sea of memories. And you've got to love that Sassafrass Lass paper! It reminds me of when I was a kid.

These two pics are the left and right pages from a two page spread I made about Erin's 16th birthday party. I love that I actually got a series of photos of her blowing out the candles. I am so lucky that she has got an awesome group of friends! I love these kids!

This layout has really gotten me thinking about why I scrapbook. Now, honestly, ordinarily I don't really like to think about such things. Thinking too much definitely gets in the way of my creative process. I am always much better when I am going with the flow, just feelin' it. Seriously, I think one of the reasons people tend to think they aren't creative is because they think about it too much. We're all creative as kids, but it's growing up and learning to question ourselves that gets in the way. One of the reasons I like scrapping so much is that the results are so immediate. In a lot of other creative mediums there is a process that makes you wait...and gives you too much time to think. Anyway, I realized when I did this page that I will scrap anything as long as it is important to me somehow. I use bad photos (obviously...just look at some of those old ones!) I'll use no photos, and (like in this case) I'll use a photo that was laying around...something that illustrates the subject. But this was taken years ago! For me, it's about telling the story, getting it down in a way that REALLY tells it. Because I think that's pretty much what all creativity is about, what art is really, telling your story. Even if it doesn't feel like it's your story, it's your take, so's your story. Wow! I need to get over myself ...this stream of consciousness writing is powerful stuff! I guess I did have something thoughtful to write after all.

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