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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Italian....Minnesota Style

Uff-da!!!! Ragu is always my preference over lutefisk!

I promised that I would post some photos from the show we saw while we were in St. Paul last weekend. I have been crazy busy, so I'm just now getting to it, but better late than never! (My personal motto!) For those who don't know, Tony & Tina's Wedding is an audience participation type show. You don't have to participate, but, believe me, it's a whole lot more fun if you do. The show is the actual wedding of Tony & Tina. You are invited and the first part of the show is the actual ceremony. The show is set up in two stages: the wedding and the reception. It is in two different locations, about a half a block from one another. The whole theme is very Italian, and to see it done in Minnesota adds a very unique twist to say the least! I can't be sure, but I think all the Italians living in Minnesota are currently part of this show! The characters are hilarious from the goofy groomsmen, the priest, the grouchy photographer, gay videographer, the Mother of the Bride who is in mourning for her late husband, the pregnant Maid of "Honor", and on and on. The best part was easily the reception. Everyone let their hair down and went crazy. Of course the characters over-imbibe and things get out of control. The funniest thing is that it's exactly like more than a few of my own family's weddings! The service at the reception is lousy, and the food is terrible, but that is all part of the show. Here is an example of our appetizer:

As you can see, it was very classy: cheez whiz on a ritz cracker, served on Chinette by a very surly waitress.
We all got into it and had a blast. Here's some more pics:

Brad with the jilted ex-boyfriend. (I know: he looks like he's part of the cast!) Sopranos...look out!

Brad dancing with "the Sister" who had a little too much sacramental wine!

The music was awesome: lots of Dean Martin and the like. One of my favorite parts was the champagne toast done to the "Thriller" theme. And the Bride's version of "Fergalicious" was to die for. We all got down and funky. Cory wowed the cast members with his crazy dancng skills. He is quickly becoming a legend. (You have to see him do "the Worm" and some crazy one-legged thing that has no name.) The kid is a blast! Here's a pic of the Groom's Father's Wife after we got through with her. (She is an ex-stripper and told us she "needed to stretch"!)

You had to make your own fun...I shocked everyone when they asked you to line up to dance with the bride & groom and I got into the Bride's line. They very loudly announced that I was a lesbian, but I told the Bride I was the only one there who would treat her right. Even Erin got into it when the Bride's brother drug her out onto the dance floor. You should have seen the look on her face! She was right there in the Conga line, too! Unfortunately, those pictures didn't come out too great.

A highlight was when Brad and I were seated at the table talking and looked up to see this:

Yes, that's right, Cory got plucked to conduct the band! He looks so Doc Severenson, doesn't He?

Anyway, we had a great time. If you are willing to let loose and have fun, it is a great show! Take the bambinis! Or else, fuhgetaboutit!


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