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Monday, January 19, 2009

We went on a much-needed mini vacation to the cities over the long weekend. The kids deserved some time away since they have been working very hard on their exams. (They still have one left to take tomorrow, but then they're free, and the school year is half over. Wow. Hard to believe.) We went down to the Cities and stayed at the St. Paul Hotel (incredibly beautiful, but the heat in the room worked too well.) We planned on doing some shopping, hitting some of my favorite spots, eating good food, and seeing a show. We managed to do all of these and more! We went and saw the show "Tony and Tina's Wedding" on Friday night. I highly reccommend it, but you can't be a wallflower. You HAVE to participate to have fun. It was a blast. I'll post more about that later.

First, I must get to why I am a criminal. On Sunday we were in the Southdale mall, doing a little shopping. Erin and I were in American Eagle and when we were done, we walked out of the store to find Brad waiting for us, and giggling to himself. He said "You just missed it." Apparently there was a mall cop on a Segway scooter, patroling the mall. Brad said he looked exactly like the guy in the new movie "Paul Blart: Mall Cop". Of course, I am not one to miss out on the fun, so I went searching for the guy. (I had my camera with me and seriously itched to get a picture of the fella. At one point I found him, but he zipped away so fast on his scooter that I lost him. Mind you, this is not some big impressive mall. This is a run of the mill neighborhood mall. And it wasn't even crowded. Anyway, as I was in search of him, a nagging little voice started to tell me that this was not a good idea. So after I lost him, I started to tell Brad that I had remembered reading a story on a photographer's blog about being stopped from taking pictures in a mall under the pretense that it was a threat to security. That particular photographer had been told he needed to delete his pictures and was escorted from the mall. To his credit, the photographer stood his ground and refused to delete the pictures, but offered to put his camera in the car. (He knew that you cannot be forced to delete your photographs legally.) So, I was telling Brad and the kids this story, when lo and behold, Smokey the Mall Cop came whizzing past Aunt Annie's pretzels in the distance. Of course I could not resist. So I pretended to take pictures of Cory while shooting over his shoulder. The cop spotted me in an instant (mostly because Cory gave it away by turning to look at him every few seconds) and made a bee-line for us. When he got closer, you could see he was about 20 years old. Maybe. He very nervously told me I was not allowed to take pictures in the mall. Brad (always enjoying his role as the antagonizer) asked "Why?" The guy stuttered and mumbled that "I think, ever since 9/11, it's a terrorist thing...mumble...something incoherent..." Ha!!!!! So, that is where our tax money has gone, my friends! Not only is it keeping us safe from terrorists who are roaming our mall's food courts, but apparently, it is keeping 20-somethings fat and out of shape by putting them on Segways to do their jobs! I seriously wanted to tell this young man, "Dean Kamen (inventor) is not your friend!!!! Walk!!!!!!"

Anyway, here is the illicit, not-so-good, but terribly incriminating photo. I will post the rest of our trip later, but this was definitely a highlight!


  1. I love your story about the mall cop (in fact, we just saw that movie earlier tonight), but I must take issue with you about your description of the Southdale Mall. It is not your "run-of-the-mill-neighborhood mall". Oh no little girl...this mall was built in 1956 and was and is the very first all-enclosed temperature controlled mall in the entire world! If you google "history of Southdale Mall" you will find more interesting facts and photos about this very special mall. Also please note that this mall was built just outside of Minneapolis...NOT St. Paul!

  2. Hmmm...I think I hit a nerve, there! Sorry, Julie!!!! You didn't was the movie?


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