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Friday, January 30, 2009

A head full of cotton and bees.

This is not right. As I wrote yesterday I have been down and out with what is most definitely the flu. I have been trying to be a good patient, I really have. I laid around for two days straight, barely getting up except to go to the bathroom or get a drink. The rest of the time I have been doing very sedentary activities like watching tv (daytime tv is torture!!!!), reading, working on the computer, etc. Booooorrrriiiinnnnggg! But, what is seriously harshing my buzz right now is that instead of getting better, I seem to be feeling worse. What's up with that? On Wednesday I felt like I had turned the corner and was going to kick this thing. Yesterday was the first day I did anything normal: I had a meeting I could not miss, so I went to it. Now, all I did was sit around a table for 2 1/2 hours. By the time I came home I felt like doo-doo. Today, I feel even worse. My head is crammed with cotton and bees. I honestly would not be surprised if I coughed and a hornet came out. (Sorry if that's gross.) And if you call me, you will hear "Froggy" from the Little Rascals on the phone. Only, it's so bad, it would sound like Froggy had a cold too, which, if you know Froggy, would sound pretty bad. Little that takes me back. That is a show for daytime TV. Racially insensitive? Yes. Dangerously exploitive of children? Yes. But darn entertaining. Honestly, can you see the kids make the "Prize" birthday cake stuffed with assorted items too many times? Can I get a "Weep-Wow!"? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If not, you've gotta follow this link: . Unfortunately, it ends before the kids get to the prizes. There's nothing funnier than Buckwheat saying, "I got a hairbrush!" . Okay, that clinches it. The TV is no longer where it's at. The babysitter for kids home sick from school is clearly youTube. For another favorite of mine, you have to watch this one. Spanky is so darn adorable "Oh boy, I luv choclat clake!" And as a shout out to my college friend Marc Petrovic, (I'll have a coupla dem buns!" Enjoy!

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