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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Facebook Connections

I don't know how I have become so wrapped up in things computer-y. It doesn't seem that long ago when we got our first computer and I tried my hand at surfing the internet. I remember waiting for hours for quilting pictures to download. Now it's cell phones, Nintendo, Blogs, Digital cameras, and my newest adventure...Facebook. I don't love all of these new frontiers as much as I should. I have a definite love/hate relation with my cell phone, and as you can tell by the giant gaping hiatus in my blog postings, sometimes I just don't have the time for all of this technology! It's kind of strange, come to think of it, that these things that are meant to make your daily duties more efficient really end up taking more time. I mean, seriously, surfing the internet and reading blogs just gets on my nerves after a while! It cracks me up when I have to stop my kids from e-mailing someone to ask a question and say, "Just call them, for heaven's sake!!!" I have always been one to love information gathering, but I have a much bigger love affair with searching the yellow pages and flipping through card catalogues than I do for Wikipedia. Ahhh...those were the days. But, I do marvel at the relationships and discoveries these new inventions have brought to me. (Besides, if I have the internet and email to thank for the election of Barack Obama, then I'm certainly not complaining!) I recently started a group for my affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition on Facebook. (Facebook was something that up until now I dreaded like the plague and had only the mildest curiousity some dead thing in the road you'd poke with a stick.) But, I've had a YSC group on yahoo for a while now. It takes quite a bit of upkeep and has been difficult to get everyone to warm up to. (Some people are even more old school than I am!) At this November's YSC Affiliate Conference they gave a presentation on "Social Neworking Sites" (ie: Facebook and MySpace) and how important they were for growing our organization. Yahoo was old, it was time to join this "new" thing. So, I started a group. Of course to start a group, I had to make my own page. Well...I am not making this up... within seconds of signing up, I had two messages from a couple of old friends. Withiin an hour I had messages from people I know from all different walks of life, including my old college roommate. Getting in touch with these people has been an unexpected joy. Of course, there has been the occasional contact from someone I would prefer to remain lost to, but for the most part it's been fun. And not at all hard. A little scary at first, but not too bad. The biggest surprise came two nights ago when I received a message from another college friend. She was asking "are you the Alane Davis that went to the Cleveland Institute of Art?" But then she really blew me away when she said "Did you have breast cancer? Cause I did, too!" Seriously, I know that's not an out-of-this-world-possibility, but it's just weird, you know? So, I've been in contact with her. She had Stage 3 breast cancer just like me. Only hers was in 2005. She's still scared, still angry. (Aren't we all, really?) But it was nice to be able to write to her and say "it's been almost ten years for me", and know how good that will feel for her to read. So, it's cold technology, yes, but there's a lot of flesh and blood warmth that can be had if you just open the door to what's out there, a little crack at a time.

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