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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The brain baby has been delivered and freedom is mine!!!

Yes, that's right, brain baby. That is what I am affectionately calling the Grant application. My mind was so tortured and worn out by the time the package was in the mail yesterday, the only way I could think to describe what I was feeling was that it was like giving birth, but with my brain...hence, brain baby. I went all the way down to the wire in order to get 12 copies of the massive document printed, in specific page order, bound per instructions and mailed off in time to have yesterday's date stamped on the package. Seriously, I had to read the date three times just to confirm for myself that it was actually meeting the requirement of being posted by January 9, 2009. Ahhhh, sweet release. Baby delivered. Mother recuperating nicely. If I'd had a cigar, I'd have smoked it. I won't hear if we were awarded the Grant until March 27, so that is a whole other kind of labor. It's like delivery first, gestation after. Okay, enough with the baby analogy!
Today, I am a new woman. I slept the sleep of the dead last night, and although I woke up with a headache, a couple of cups of strong coffee later and some heavy duty Excedrin, and I'm feeling at the top of my game.

Uh oh....the dogs are barking, that means the ladies are here to continue work on my next project. (They never end!) More on that later.....

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