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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bleary eyed!

I have spent the past two days working on trying to get a Komen grant for my local Affiliate of the Young Survival Coalition. I am exhausted!!! It has to be postmarked tomorrow, so I'm almost there!!! I feel like I've run a marathon. It will be such a wonderful feeling to get all 12 copies printed and shipped off. I really want to get it, but right now I just want this process to be over!

Being busy working on the computer, doing office type tasks just makes me hungry for creative pursuits! I have tried to steal a couple of moments here and there, but I am dying to become whisked away by inspiration. Inspiration actually hit me today even though I was so tired and bleary-eyed I almost missed it. I was entering Target just as it opened and I was struck by a thing of beauty. No, not awesome home decorating goods at insanely low prices (though that would be inspiring and most definitely a thing of beauty.) No, it was something else! It was so awesome that I actually whipped out my phone and took a few pictures. I got some strange looks from one of the team members, but I didn't care at all. Of course, I cannot figure out how to get the darn pics off of my phone!!!! We are too cheap to have internet capabilities with our phones, so I am at an impasse. But, I'm not giving up! I will post those pictures and share my moment of divine inspiration at Target, January 8, 8:00 AM!
In the attempt to download those pictures, I realized it has been eons since I put any of my work up here. So, with no further ado, I will add some pictures of some of my latest (if not greatest) work.

This is a two page 12 x 12" spread I did of some old photos of my kiddos when we visited a pumpkin patch. We lived in Tacoma, WA then, and my sister Sharon was visiting. The pic on the left is one of my all time favorites.

This is a 12 x 12" page about my beautiful daughter and her 2 beautiful cousins, Nicole & Morgan. I love this page because it features photos of the three of them from two different time periods. I was especially fond of this patterned paper, and added a detail pic so you could see how I created a 3D branch and added lace blossoms and gems along with the chipboard bird. I also did some hand sewing to give it a little more detail.

Of course I had to prove that I do make pages about Cory as well as Erin! Again, these are some older photos, but some of my absolute favorites. We were living in Germantown, MD at the time and Cory's best friend was a boy about four years older than him. I remember this day very well. Cory wanted to be a big boy so badly that he had me take his picture while he posed on all of his friend's stuff. I absolutely adore the photo on the left where he is trying to make it look like he's actually skateboarding! What great memories! I love, love, loved this background paper, and I wanted to feature it in my continuing effort to use negative space. I think the result is pretty good...I hope you like it too!

I'll have to post more another time. Right now I need to try to chip my contact lenses off of my eyeballs! They are so dry, they're stuck like glue!!!!

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