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Sunday, July 6, 2008

You can't love 'em all...

I think my love affair with my 52 pick up class is clearly apparent. But my love affair with all of the techniques has to end somewhere. I knew there would be a few that would not excite me, and here we go. Please note that I am willing to show my duds along with the cool stuff. I hope I get points for this.
Technique #7 wasn't bad, it was fun's just that the results are not much fun to look at. There wasn't really a technique per se, just instructions to play around with a brayer, temporarily affixing things to it so when you rolled it in ink or another medium you could create cool textures, backgrounds, etc. Tena (the teacher) already demonstrated wrapping the roller with rubber bands, mesh netting, masking with the brayer, and bubble wrap. We were challenged to try some new ideas. I made a huge mess in my room! My brayer is pretty big, and (of course!) I decided to start out with black paint...let's just say I have quite a large amount of clean-up ahead of me. I wrapped the brayer with sewing elastic (the kind you would use for a waist band). That was definitely cool. Then I wrapped it with this wide ric-rac that I had. That was cool too, although I think I would like smaller ric-rac...this was too big to make a useful background. Then I used the fuzzy side from a strip of velcro. That just came out looking like a paint roller...and making a huge mess at the same time. Dud. So, I ditched the paint, washed the roller and thought about it. I decided to see what would happen if I rolled the brayer on top of the paper OVER something texturized. Sort of like a rubbing. I lined up a few rows of quarters, put my white paper on top, and rolled with an ink covered brayer. That was definitely interesting. I could explore this technique more. In fact, I consider a technique a good one if it sparks my curiousity to try more things. This one definitely did. Although, I have yet to see how I'd use it on a page. Great for collages though. Hmmm. I think I'm changing my mind on this one. I like it.
Technique #8 was using texture medium mixed with paint, applying it to the card with a plastic knife through a template of your own creation. I made my leaves by cutting them freehand out of cardstock and punched the template out of come thin chipboard. I used black (boring, I know.) Once I had applied the medium I sprinkled the images with pigment powder. I planned on using more colors of pigment, bu the template moved and I had to take it off. That was my big dilemma with this technique. to keep the template in place. I think some temporary adhesive spray is in order. Again, this was fun, but I don't see how I would use it on a page. But, into my deck it goes...who knows, lightning may strike in the future and this will become an all time fave. I'm still having fun, though!

More to come...


  1. sarah seidelmannJuly 8, 2008 at 7:53 AM

    ALane- I LOVE it- the photo of the cottage is beautiful and really sets the vision in y head of your creative girlhood! Wow all these techniques- its amazing! This blog hoster system is way cool- I need to find out more- I ove your photo gallery too!! Ok over and out!! Sarah


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