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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where in the world is?....

Yes, I know, it seems like F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I updated my blog. Things have been pretty crazy around here!!! First Julie, Kim, Paula and I traveled to Chicago for CHA (That's the Craft and Hobby Trade Show for those of you who aren't "in the know"). We went there seeking donations for our Crop For A Cure to be held on Oct. 25 (Go to for more info or visit to register.)
Anyway, we had TONS of FUN and met loads of great, amazing, generous people. I will post some pics and info about this later when I get my head on straighter. But wow! We saw some of the most mind-blowingly creative work than you can imagine! It was so hard to do what we came there for, visit all the vendors, and give them our 10 second spiel, and NOT linger in the booths touching all the new goodies, soaking in all the cool samples, and generally drooling. We did come home with loads of stuff and promises for more, but more on that on the Crop blog!
On our way home from Chicago we met up with my sister Sharon and her family who drove all the way from Pennsylvania to spend a week with us in Duluth. We had a GREAT time and kept them entertained. It was so awesome to see them, and so generous of them to make the long drive to come for a visit. We don't get many visitors, so it was a real treat. I was so sad when they left! Of course it didn't help that I got some nasty virus the last day they were here...I always blubber like a baby when I'm sick. ( But not when I'm really sick, like with cancer...then I'm stoic. Weird, huh?)
So on top of the mountains of laundry I have been doing, the unpacking, the pile of unopened donations that has swallowed my craft room and the endless list of tasks I need to get done, I have been fumbling around trying to keep up with my three BPS classes! I am really trying not to stress, though. I keep telling myself that I signed up for this for FUN and not to put pressure on myself. I keep humming that like a meditative seems to be working. (Okay, I admit, not all the time.)
Anyway, I have some technique cards to share and some pages I've made. Enjoy. It's not much, but it's not too bad for someone who is time juggling like crazy!
Ta ta for now!


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