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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More fun with the deck...

More fun from my 52 card pick-up class. Technique #5 involved creating my own custom buttons with different supplies from my stash. Of course I couldn't stop with just a few techniques. Once I get mixing up concoctions, I can't stop! It was a lot of fun and I pulled out a lot of supplies I haven't used in ages. I'm not in love with every button I created, but getting there was all the fun. It's like being in Kindergarten and fingerpainting! I was going to arrange my buttons in some cute way and then decided the familiar button card look really can't be beat when it comes to a design statement. I've always believed that if you can't improve on something, then don't even try. Yes, I said it...button cards are pretty darn close to design perfection. 'Nuff said.
Technique #6 was all about using transpaencies. Technically I already did this one on technique card #4, but I do LOVE to PLAY! I have always loved this pic of my Grampa in his studio, working at his easel. It just speaks to me, and not for the obvious's so beautiful with the light of inspiration coming through the window behind him and the look of total concentration on his face. I love it. So, here's my technique card. I used some paint on the back of the transparency to emphasize the light and give the mood a little lift. I love the paper in the background: kind of dreamy, Bohemian, and Old World all at the same time somehow. I added some Krylon silver leafing pen to accentuate the chandelier (I love that!!! My Pe-Pop was way ahead of the times! A chandelier in his studio! How cool is that? I think I need to get me one of those!) Anyway, I also added a little caption and a vintage key roughed up with some paint and sanded, a little bling, great fibers, and voila!!! A great technique, and more fun was had by all...well, me, anyway!

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