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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Got my mojo back!

Okay, I'm a little more excited about this last technique than I was with the past few. Technique #9 was very cute...just a little tip on how to create your own cupcake flags for birthdays and other celebrations. Nothing big and life altering, just cute. It actually made me sad since my kids are too old to appreciate a cute cupcake flag. (They're 15 and 16 now. Sniff.) I am holding out the hope for a slew of grandkids, so there may be cupcake flags in my future...otherwise Brad better make a big show of appreciating the ones I slap on his dessert!
But technique that was right up my alley. Basically we created our own paper by taking plain computer printer paper and altering it. Woo hoo!! I likey!!! Of course I could not limit myself to plain white paper. I did use some colored and off white...whatever I had leftover from different printing projects. The technique was to crumple the paper, wipe it with an ink pad to create a tie dyed sort of look and then use the paper to create embellishments. I didn't really like the look of color on white, it was a little to stark and hippie-ish for me. So, after I inked up my paper using multiple coordinating colors of ink, I spritzed the paper with water to make the colors blend. I dried it with my heat gun to speed up the drying (and because I'm a maniacal mister when I get that mini mister in my hands...puddles everywhere!) After that had dried, I went back and used one of my new fave products, glimmer mist from Tattered Angels. That added a little more color and sheen....downright glittery in some spots, but totally cool. More heat, and a coating of mod podge to seal it. I made three sheets of paper to make one 5 x 7 card and had to force myself to stop! But I couldn't finish until I had tried it out on one of my 1000 extra large hang tags. (Yes, that's right...I said 1000. Why, do you need any?) Let's just say I was jonesing for some hang tags so badly last year that I went ahead and ordered a huge package. 1000. Hey, I got a great deal!!! Anyway, I did the same technique to a tag, played around with a stamp set I have, and voila! Technique card #10. I will totally be doing this again. Love taking a plain boring piece of nothing and turning it into something! Plus, I LOVE getting messy!

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